Rum & Reggae Serious Honey Rum



Rum and reggae serious  Rum is an incredibly smooth Caribbean rum infused with warming kitchen spices and a drizzle of premium woodland honey produced by rescued bees in the Exe Valley. Delicious over ice or with fresh apple juice and lemonade, best enjoyed outdoors with friends.

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3 reviews for Rum & Reggae Serious Honey Rum

  1. Just had delivery of two bottles of reggae honey rum,absolute nectar, Mr c exceedingly greatfull

  2. Wow on getting the Cork the aroma of honey is delicious – I tried mine neat in a deserving crystal cut glass and took a large inhale again before sipping it – I loved this honey rum just as it was – I personally wouldn’t be mixing this one but then again I can see myself popping a glug into a coffee and topping it with cream – this has to be my all time favorite flavoured rum – a must have

  3. Was delicious neat, was delicious with good ginger beer… would highly recommend to anyone who’s a rum fan! The honey aspect is classy. Just the right amount of it in there. Doesn’t overpower.

    Go for it!

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