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Rum and Reggae: our adventure so far

The seed of Rum and Reggae was born from our love for tunes and of
course, rum. Blending the sunny sounds of reggae with our renowned
rum punch was a no-brainer and we knew this experience needed to be
shared. Venturing out, we hit the road to spread the Rum and Reggae
joy at festivals and food events. And guess what? People loved it!

From punch to product, we crafted our signature ‘serious rum,’ a 40%
abv golden tipple that shines in cocktails and pairs perfectly with your
favourite soft drink. Our initial success paved the way for our next
creation: a rum infused with honey sourced from rescue bees.

As the buzz grew, our reach extended to pubs, clubs, restaurants, and
bars, revealing a demand for our rums with a difference. Our brand &
visuals are a burst of excitement – simple, fun, and full of colour, they
effortlessly capture the heart of Rum and Reggae whilst drawing in
customers with their vibrant charm.

Continuing our flavour journey we recently released two new tantalizing
rums – mango and coffee. With rave reviews already pouring in, you can
be sure that even more innovative flavours are in the pipeline. Stay
Now ready to spread sunshine nationwide through the hospitality trade.

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Our Rums

Cloven Hoof Spiced Rum

Cloven Hoof Rum is produced by using a combination of both Guyanese and Trinidad Rums, which are blended together with a host of Spices. Order here.

Rockfall Spiced Rum

Rockfall is handcrafted using bespoke copper stills to create a distinctively rich and beautifully smooth flavour. Order now.

Rum Barn Glasses

Get your hands on our limited Rum Barn Glasses; Available in pint and half pint sizes

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