Far Reaches


Far Reaches’ unique recipe incorporates thirteen botanicals sourced from across the world.

The hand -drawn botanical map on our bottles details the five key botanicals in our gin – each from the far reaches of a different continent. Our key botanicals: kumquats from Asia, Juniper from Europe, Quandong from Australia, Sarsaparilla from the Americas and Grains of Paradise from Africa. After much experimentation we found that these botanicals worked best together – the punchy characteristic bitterness of the juniper perfectly balanced by floral citrus notes from the kumquats, quandongs and sarsaparilla.

This is all rounded off by a finish of delicate citrus spice, courtesy of the Grains of Paradise. These unique botanicals are hand distilled in small batches in a 500L pot still in London, with meticulous attention to detail.

Absolutely no additives, flavouring, coloring or any other ingredients are added after distillation so that Far Reaches meets the strict standards of a London Dry Gin. 3 Brand Proposition The gin market is incredibly crowded. There are thousands of gins with no or little brand narrative, only basing their brand around the providence of a local area, where the area may even not be known nationally, let alone internationally.


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